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We welcome you to visit us and see our products in action. We have a wide range of dust and fume extraction products that provide an efficient and effective solution to workplace process emissions and employee protection.


We are UK stockists of extraction products including extraction arms, mobile extraction units, filters, fans, hoses, spares and much more. Select your items for a quick quote...


We operate across the globe with the majority of our work taking place in the UK. View the industries we've worked in so far, we can add yours to the list.
PRODUCT Extraction Arms We stock a wide range of extraction arms to cater for a wide range of extraction applications.
PRODUCT Filter Units Our vast filter range offers a solution to all extraction requirements.
PRODUCT Hose Reels Our hose reels provide convenient and effective extraction in all vehicle workshops and garages.
PRODUCT Extraction Tables Our extraction tables and panels are popular across many applications.
PRODUCT Fans We offer a suitable option for all types of application from welding smoke to wood dust.
PRODUCT Accessories Our accessories provide a one-stop shop for all extraction requirements.

About Impact Technical Services

We have been providing nationwide dust & fume extraction for 25 years with a strong team of highly skilled and experienced engineers that are well equipped to advise you on the best form of extraction for your application.

No other company can give you the range of services at such a professional level and on such a flexible basis, giving you peace of mind that all of your extraction system requirements are taken care of.

Our combination of experience, state of the art technology, professional skills and dedication to provide a quality service every time means that thousands of customers are choosing Impact Technical Services as their partner for dust and fume extraction.


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Upcoming Events

Come along and meet us at the following exhibitions...

  • MACH - NEC, Birmingham 9th-13th April 2018
  • Mechanex - Event City, Manchester 15 & 16th May 2018
  • Advanced Engineering - NEC, 31st Oct & 1st Nov 2018
  • Mechanex - Sandown Park 6th & 7th November 2018


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Go Home Healthy Campaign

The HSE has launched the campaign in order to raise awareness and to reduce work-related lung disease which is currently responsible for approximately 12,000 deaths in the UK every year...

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NEW Extraction Products Demo Hub Launched

Since Impact Technical Services introduced the GRAM range of extraction equipment to the UK market, they have been inundated with requests to see it perform as an alternative to other more expensive brands.

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150 Welders Die Every Year

New shocking statistics have been released stating that out of the 190,000 workers who carry out welding activities each year, 150 of them die from cancer caused by welding.

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Oil Mist Filtration

Avoid machine downtime and serious health and safety issues for your workforce by ensuring you have adequate oil mist filtration in place. See our product range.

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Fume Extraction Solutions

We provide system design, installation, maintenance and extraction products to ensure you are protecting your work force from harmful fumes...

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Dust & Fume Extraction Products

We supply a wide range of high quality, affordable and efficient extraction products and accessories. We also install and test to ensure effectiveness...

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Are you protecting your staff?
It's the law...

We're supporting the Help GB Work Well campaign, enquire about booking your FREE workplace extraction assessment today!

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Dust Extraction Solutions

Our COSHH regulated extraction systems ensure your workforce are protected from contracting illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis or much worse...

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Fan Service & Maintenance

We provide fan balancing, condition monitoring, vibration analysis, repairs, parts and pretty much anything you need to keep your fan up and running...

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LEV System Design & Installation

Our experienced engineers have the knowledge, expertise and qualifications to design and install an extraction system that is highly efficient and effective, while meeting your budget.

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LEV Testing & Maintenance

If your extraction is not tested and maintained regularly, it may not be working effectively and your workforce could be at risk. The HSE carry out random spot checks so don't get caught out!

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Air Quality Testing

Are you aware that your company has a legal responsibility to protect its employees and the environment? Our engineers will carry out the necessary checks to ensure you're operating safely.

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