There are many reasons why an employer should arrange for regular LEV testing, here are our top 10:

1. To protect employees. The most important reason! First and foremost, employees should be safe in the workplace. LEV testing of extraction equipment ensures it is working effectively and efficiently to remove hazardous airborne contaminants. Last year there were approximately 12,000 lung disease deaths estimated to be linked to past exposures at work. This must change.

Welding Fume Extraction Arm



2. It’s the law. Did you know that, as an employer, you can be fined for failing to ensure you have adequate extraction and that it is working properly? A Merseyside company was recently fined £96,000 (read the HSE article here).



3. Competent LEV technician checks. It is important that a fully competent person conducts your LEV testing, with experience, knowledge, qualifications, and training so they can properly ensure your systems are safe and therefore protecting workers. This can also be referred to as a Thorough Examination and Test or TExT.

LEV testing for welding fume extraction



4. Peace of mind. There are many responsibilities for an employer to take care of, so we make LEV testing a simple one. We will add your details to our database and send you a reminder when it’s due, a date for when we can attend site and the best price possible.


Launch of Cochrane's Dissemination Checklist and Guidance | Cochrane



5. It’s inexpensive. We provide very competitive prices for nationwide LEV testing, with our prices starting from £150 for a single test point system, so the cost should never be a factor for not having LEV testing carried out in your workplace.


6. Legal documentation provided. Once your LEV test has been conducted by a competent person, you will receive a detailed report of the test. Our examiners follow the HSE Approved Code of Practice guidelines when compiling the report and it will contain information such as the systems’ level of performance related to its intended performance. This report will comply with the legal requirements of keeping a record of your examination and test.





7. HSE inspections. If your LEV testing is up to date and all extraction systems are working properly, not only do you have the peace of mind that staff are protected, but you will be well prepared in the case of a HSE inspection. These take place in every industry at some point, so it is always best to be prepared. Dib, dib, dib!



HSE inspection for local exhaust ventilation



8. Avoid downtime. Extraction systems can fail due to a blockage or wear on parts, an LEV test will regularly check and address such issues to avoid downtime.



LEV testing prevents dowmrine



9. Airflow indication. An airflow indicator is an inexpensive device that is fitted to the hood or ductwork of your extraction system and provides an instant visual indication of whether the system is running effectively or not. Added peace of mind between LEV tests!





10. Environmental impact. Filter media changes made during an LEV test/system service will ensure that hazardous contaminants are not being exhausted to atmosphere. Reducing your carbon footprint with a good old LEV test, who knew?!





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