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The problem – Cross Manufacturing were having an issue with controlling the dust that was building up during their process. The current extraction table was leaving dust on the vertical slats which meant it was not extracting properly and was a potential hazard to the user.

Impact’s solution – Impact Technical Services were called to Cross Manufacturing by Mechanical Maintenance Manager, Adam Gibbs, as we had provided successful solutions previously on their site. The Impact LEV design team had a solution that would take the steel dust created away from the operators breathing zone. The key part of this solution was to ensure that the dust build up was eliminated, a problem they encountered with their previous extraction table.

The Impact UFPR downdraught bench comes in a variety of sizes, the 1000mm x 1000mm and 1500mm x 1000mm were offered on this occasion as they fit perfectly in the workshop and offered suitable extraction for their process. The UFPR downdraught benches also featured some added extras, the back wall extraction and noise attenuation walls were ideal for Cross Manufacturing in their environment.

Each bench is served by a 2.2kW centrifugal fan which supplies efficient airflow throughout the system in line with HSG258 ‘controlling airborne contaminants at work’.

Adam Gibbs said “The Impact downdraught benches are ideal for our production work and are very versatile depending on the machinery you can use on them, they make our workspace look professional and provide good overall extraction.”