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Impact was contacted to provide a welding and fettling extraction system for a British multinational consumer packaged goods company, to protect employees during the fabrication and repair of stainless steel items.

We supplied and installed an Impact UF-BS-ISO 1500×1000 downdraught bench which provides excellent control of the airborne particulate produced as well as providing a catchment area and containment bin for the heavier particulate and grindings produced during the fettling processes.

We supplied and installed an Impact UBP 2000×1000 downdraught bench. The table is open on all 4 sides providing excellent access, the extraction outlet spigot can be positioned on either the right or left hand side of the table to suit the users requirements. The table was supplied with mild steel slats to suit the welding processes.

Finally, we also supplied and installed an Impact ACF-T 130H cyclonic filter for use on this application. The unit incorporates both cyclonic and cartridge filter technology which utilises a fully automatic compressed air system for filter cleaning and was supplied with a 72Litre dust collection bin & G105 cellulose/polyester flame resistant filter cartridges. The unit has a powder coat enamel finish which ensures long service life of the equipment. The unit was supplied with a 11kW backward curved centrifugal fan which will be supplied with an acoustic enclosure to minimise noise levels.

Upon completion of the installation the system was commissioned by one of our P601/P604 certified technicians and full report/documentation issued in line with HSG 258 – Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work.

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