Workplace dust and fume extraction solutions

Case Studies

ViewMetalwork Dust and Fume Extraction Solution

The key part of this solution was to ensure that the dust build up was eliminated, a problem they encountered with their previous extraction table.


ViewOil Mist Extraction - CNC Lathe Metalworking

Impact were called to an engineering firm in Somerset as they were having an issue with controlling the oil mist from their Dugard 52TTS twin spindle CNC lathe.


ViewWelding Fume Extraction - Extra Wide Pivotal Hood Provides Ultimate Solution

An engineering company contacted Impact Technical Services as their current flexible extraction arms were not providing effective fume control of their welding process.


ViewDust Extraction To Reduce Downtime - Composites

Polytec Car Styling Bromyard Ltd were experiencing problems with very fine ABS dust in the automated robotic cell. The dust was being created by automated sanding and profiling. The robotic cell was required to be running 24 hours a day with the cell enclosed.


ViewFume/Vapour Extraction - Digital Print Process

J.W. Plant & Co Ltd (a flag manufacture and printing company) was experiencing issues controlling fume released during the ink heat curing process in its digital printers.


ViewEmergency Call Out - Leicestershire

A leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical and food packaging had their emissions stack blown down in high winds. Their first thought was to call Impact.


ViewWelding Fume Extraction - Derbyshire

Impact Technical Services we were engaged to produce a solution to the problem of excessive weld fume within one workshop.


ViewWood Dust Extraction System - Nottinghamshire

Impact Technical Services carried out an LEV assessment and found that the wood dust extraction system did not meet the required standard of control required by COSHH regulations.


ViewMaterial Recycling Facility (MRF) Dust Control - London

Impact sister company called in to London?s largest undercover Material Recycling Facility to improve the quality of the final product in order to boost its resale value.


ViewLEV Testing, Nottingham

A Nottinghamshire company called us as they were concerned over the quality and contents of an LEV inspection that had been carried out as part of their insurer?s policy requirements.


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