Workplace dust and fume extraction solutions

Dust Extraction To Reduce Downtime - Composites

Polytec Car Styling Bromyard Ltd were experiencing problems with very fine ABS dust in the automated robotic cell. The dust was being created by automated sanding and profiling. The robotic cell was required to be running 24 hours a day with the cell enclosed.

Polytec’s production time was being affected due to the time taken to repeatedly clean inside the cell so they had to look for a filtration system that complimented their desired airflow, had variable controls, was transportable with the cell and was ATEX certified.

Impact’s solution

Impact Technical Services specified an ACF-78H-A ATEX certified high efficiency reverse jet cyclonic filter system. This type of unit is particularly suitable for use with fine dust applications, as generated during the sanding process. The unit incorporates both cyclonic and cartridge filter technology which utilises a fully automatic compressed air system for filter cleaning ensuring a guaranteed service life of the filters of between 4000-8000 operating hours. The filtration unit is fitted with G113 100% polyester flake, PTFE coated antistatic filter cartridges for use with fine particulate. The use of this type of filter media means that discharge air is suitable for recirculation into the working environment.


Polytec contacted three companies to ask for advice and provide a quotation for a suitable filtration system. Jamie Bowen (Robotic Methods Engineer) said “Impact came back to me with expert feedback regarding the ducting design, air -flow and the calculations that supported their quote”. Along with our design knowledge, Jamie was very impressed with the fact that we could provide a variable air flow solution and added, “the design was future proof as we could increase the capability of the system if needed.”


Since the installation, Jamie Bowen has commented on the system...

“The system has improved the working environment for the employees and the cleanliness of the area the work is carried out in. The surface finishing and quality of our product has also been enhanced and the new system has significantly reduced the amount of time required for cleaning the area at the end of each shift as the waste material is contained. I would like to thank Impact for being so proactive, supportive and for doing such a professional job.”