Workplace dust and fume extraction solutions

Welding Fume Extraction - Derbyshire

For many years Impact Technical Services, have maintained LEV equipment throughout the site at Progress Rail, Sandiacre. Impact Technical Services we were engaged to produce a solution to the problem of excessive weld fume within one workshop.

The Schotler Butt welder installed at Progress Rail pumped out large quantities of fume into the workshop creating an unpleasant cloud, which remained in the atmosphere and was considered a hazard to operators within the environment.


After discussion with the client, a designed system was created taking into account having to route the duct system to avoid the overhead crane system. The fan was sized to ensure an efficient airflow as recommended by HSE in HSG258 “Control of Airborne Contaminants” and installed at low level as the most convenient and accessible point. The duct was sized for the accepted velocity and installed as shown.


Due to restrictive access to the roof, Impact Technical Services were happy to liaise with specialist contractors employed by Progress Rail, to work outside on the roof in fitting the high velocity cowl used to terminate the system and discharge the contaminant above the above the boundary layer of the building.