An engineering company based in Leicester, who operate a manufacturing process involving metal working machinery, contacted Impact over a solution to control oil mist. Workers operate two Hurco CNC machines, seven HASS CNC machines, an open lathe, a XYZ Machine 6 and a XYZ Proturn SCX 555, all of which produce oil mist. Health implications as a result of oil mist include bronchitis, lipoid pneumonia, lung fibrosis and lung cancer.

Impact’s solution:

Impact began with installing the extraction fan which would supply the movement of air needed for extraction, the fan used was a RV-50-C2 mounted on the ground. The fan was fitted with a silenced discharge duct and weather bend to extract and discharge the contaminated air to the atmosphere. Within the workshop each individual CNC machine was fitted with a be-spoke connection spigot to allow it to be safely and easily connected to the ducted system. The ducting was installed within the HSG258 – controlling airborne contaminants guidelines. For the open Lathe machine, an RFF extraction arm was installed due to its versatile abilities.

Once installed, the system was commissioned which involved; fan vibration testing, fan noise testing and duct flow measurements. Once LEV testing had been completed, Impact provided the company with a comprehensive LEV commissioning report which should be used as a benchmark for future LEV thorough examinations.

Ducting system connected to CNC machines.

RFF extraction arm for the open lathe machine.

Duct flow analysis.