Workplace dust and fume extraction solutions

Condition Monitoring

Monitoring the operating conditions of your fan, gearbox, pump or bearings allows you to identify significant changes which are indicative of a developing failure.

Monitoring also allows you to schedule maintenance when it is most cost effective and before complete failure becomes a catastrophe.

There are various methods of monitoring available.

Manual trending

An engineer will regularly visit site to assess and log the condition, usually vibration level, of your equipment. The data is analysed against previous reports and over a period of time and a trending profile is built up. When significant changes are identified we alert you that action is required. We will then offer you a proposal for completing the work and thus eliminating a costly failure.


Fixed monitoring

The principles are very similar to manual trending but instead of the data being collected manually, it is collected by a number of fixed transducers strategically mounted on to the equipment. The signal is then converted and can then be connected directly to an audio or visual alarm system. More detailed systems can include connection in to your existing panel or building management system. Parameters are set to a conditional limit and when exceeded, a signal or output is alarmed.  Actions can then be taken to avoid the consequence of failure.  

Remote monitoring


As fixed monitoring, but connected electronically via your intranet with the ability to be remotely monitored anywhere and with any compatible device. This procedure is particularly suited to continuous process plants where plant failure and downtime can be extremely costly.  

All methods of condition monitoring result in substantial cost saving, reduced downtime and the increased lifespan of equipment.


By knowing the history and status of equipment you can order spare parts in advance and our engineers can carry out more reliable repairs in a shorter period of time.


As they say, forewarned is forearmed.


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