Workplace dust and fume extraction solutions

Gravimetric Air Sampling

Key Features & Benefits

  • Extensive flow range from 5 ml to 5 L/min

  • Fast 1.5 hour charge via drop in charger

  • Superb battery life > 45hrs @ 2 L/min (GFA)

  • Large LCD indicating real time flow & volume

  • Stable, accurate digital flow control (< ± 3%)

  • Gas Bag outlet for grab sampling

  • On board data logging in Pro version

  • Duration and scheduled sampling

  • Compliant to NIOSH 0600, EN1232

This instrument uses an efficient diaphragm pump whose flow rate is precisely maintained using automatic flow control circuitry (Patent pending). The pump draws contaminated air through a sampling head at a rate determined by the head design or sampling strategy.


The Apex was developed to provide sampling capabilities between 5 ml/min and 5 l/min (4 l/min for I.S.versions), suitable for a wide range of applications including solvent fumes, asbestos clearance and personal sampling of dusts. Apex pumps are ideally suited to many of the “Total” and “Respirable” dust sampling techniques detailed in the U.K. Health and Safety Executive’s publication MDHS14, and in other reference methods.


The applications in this instrument include:

  • Personal & area dust / solvent monitoring
  • Construction / Demolition sites
  • COSHH & OSHA Sampling
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Petrochemical Plants / Offshore
  • Indoor air quality monitoring and welding fume
  • Spray booths / Powder coating

Comprehensive Software

Pump Manager is a versatile software package simplifying the management and reporting of sampling data.

  • Program pump for time scheduled operation
  • Ideal for legislative record keeping
  • Full reports generated for audit trails
  • Logs: events, voltage, volume, flow rate, date & time
  • Direct input of laboratory analysis data
  • Automatic calculation of T.W.A and mass concentration
  • Export into other word processing packages
  • Input of specific employee details

Sampling Heads

In order to undertake personal monitoring with sampling pumps, specific sampling heads and media must be used in accordance with regional or national sampling methodologies. A comprehensive range of sampling heads, adsorption tubes cassettes and sampling media tubes often specially treated filters or collection devices are utilized.


Paper or other material filters are used for collection of dusts, fumes and mists, whilst silica or charcoal tubes are used to collect vapours. By reference to local or national sampling methodologies selection of the correct media can be made.

Technical specification

Flow Range:                             5 - 5,000 ml/ min

Flow Control Accuracy:           Digital flow control circuitcalibrated point

Inlet pulsation ratio:                < 10% @ 2.0 L/ min 

Typical Charge time:               DT / dt < 3.5 hours 1 hour gives 8 hr operation

Temp Range:                           Operational: 5 to + 45°C Storage: -10° to + 50°C

Data logging:                          100 Runs

Battery:                                    4.8V NimH 2.7Ah

Dimensions:                             135 x 75 x 43 mm

Weight:                                    60g

Service Interval:                       500 hours (typically)