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Impact Raises Awareness of Kenyan Solar Project

Impact Technical Services has launched an awareness campaign to support a solar project in Kenya, after donating two simple tool kits, and watching how they are being used to transform a community in an initiative designed to improve the quality of life for thousands of people.

The team at Impact were approached by Dr Jon Cloke, Network Manager for the UK Low Carbon Energy for Development Network in the Geography Department at Loughborough University, who asked for support to kickstart a major solar project in Kenya.


The solar project involved building two solar hubs in two very poor communities in Kenya that were without electricity (Lemolo B and Echareria), to supply household lighting through a distributed battery system. It is currently supporting 50 families in each village, but has the potential to change the lives of over 2,000 residents.


Installing The Solar Hub At Lemolo B


The solar hub is also providing power for income-earning opportunities, such as incubators, grain-milling, a barber’s shop, etc. to help the community raise its standard of living, and thus become self-sustaining. Dr Cloke shared the aim of the project, to help these communities reach self-sufficiency and no longer depend on the government for aid or grants.


Impact Technical Services donated polo shirts for the workers in Kenya to wear during the project, and two toolkits, made up of wiring, drills, screws, hammers and clippings. Community members and technicians in Kenya needed these simple, yet useful tools, which were paramount to building the solar hubs efficiently) to complete the building of the hub.


 Demonstrating Household Solar Batteries


Impact is currently assessing other ways in which they can offer support and further donations to the team in Kenya, and is putting a call out to other organisations in the recycling and energy industry to get involved and provide basic tools, building and IT equipment.


Dr Cloke revealed the future plans for the SONG (solar nano-grid) project. The community would like to use the hub to run electrical workshops in order to train skilled workers so they can become engineers and technicians and by linking into local schools and improving the education system in the villages.


Dr Jon Cloke, National Network Manager at Loughborough University expresses his gratitidue for Impact’s donation:

“It is no word of an exaggeration to say that the tool kits donated by Impact were vital to the project, and without them, building the solar hubs would have been very difficult, if not impossible.


“I would like to say a huge thank you to Impact from the people of Lemolo B and Echareria. We are all extremely grateful for their kind donation.”


Tony Bosworth, Operations Direct at Impact Technical Services shares his comments on Kenya’s solar project:


“We are pleased that Dr Cloke was able to reach out to us, and our team were delighted to get involved with the solar hub project, and help to motivate the technicians and engineers who are working hard in Kenya.


“It’s so important that as an industry, we work together to offer support for such major projects which change the lives of many – that is why we are spreading the word and asking organisations that are in a positon to offer their aid, to act fast and show their support.”


If you would like to donate a toolkit, solar or IT equipment to the SONG project, please email Dr Jon Cloke at [email protected].