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Oil Mist Separator OUPC 2000-4040

Compact multi-stage filter for cooling lubricants for floor mounting. For filtration of oil mist, emulsion mist, minimal quantity lubrication and oil smoke.
Decentralised oil mist filter for extraction from processing machines. The four filter stages ensure optimised filtration from oil smoke to oil mists. This oil mist separator can be placed close to the processing machine with larger air volume requirements. Separation degree min. 99.95% of all cooling lubricants.
  • The polluted air is led into the bottom of the separator to the separation chamber for air distribution and densification
  • The accumulated particles are led on to the washable pore filter PPi35 (50% higher efficiency than alu-grease filter)
  • Then the air is fine-filtered in cartridge filter type G104A. Separation degree >99% of particles above 0.1µm
  • Below the first two filter stages a fluid reservoir with ½”-drain cock is located
  • Last filter stage is a HEPA-filter, filter class H13 that ensures removal of >99.95% smoke particles down to 0.1µm