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Oil Mist Separator OUPC 500-1010

Compact multi-stage filter for cooling lubricants, mounted directly on processing machines. For filtration of oil mist, emulsion mist, minimal quantity lubrication and oil fume.


  • Polluted air is led in at the separator end to pre-separation chamber for air distribution and densification
  • The accumulated particles are led on to the washable pore filter PPi35 (50% higher efficiency than alu-grease filter)
  • Then the air is fine-filtrated in cartridge filter type G104A. Separation degree > 99% of particles above 0.1µm
  • Beneath the first two filter stages a fluid reservoir with ½”-drain is located
  • Last filter stage is a HEPA-filter, filter class H13 that ensures removal of >99.95% fume particles down to 0.1µm