Workplace dust and fume extraction solutions

Airtower modules for Filterline PFL Dust Filter

PFL 52 - 104

The Airtower modules for Filterline PFL is an air distribution module to be applied with Filterline type FL. For air cleaning in polluted rooms, where recirculation is permitted.


  • The principle function of the unit is based on injecting clean air back into the room at floor level, whilst removing the vertical displacement from the operator's inhalation zone.
  • Air distribution modules collect polluted air extraction from the top. After the polluted air is led through silencers and backdraft damper to raw air chamber on Filterline type FL.
  • Filtered outlet air is led through channel silencers and diffusion panels back to the room distributed 360 degrees around the unit.
  • PFL-modules are only available to be built-on the Filterline type FL.
  • The panels are only available for Filterline type FL 52/VE 5500 and FL 104/VE 7500.
  • Low-noise: 68-70 dB(A).



  • Air cleaning in dust loaded rooms, e.g. for grinding, welding and powder handling.
  • The Airtower modules PFL is available for the use of Filterline type FL with either a W2/W3-certification.


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