Workplace dust and fume extraction solutions

Dust Filter Unit MFG

Filter Unit MFG 52 - 156


The Filter Unit MFG is a compressed-air cleaned filter module for the assembly to a larger central unit. A unit with expansion possibilities!


  • The compressed-air cleaned cartridge filter with differential pressure controlled for compressed air cleaning.
  • Digital differential pressure display with a filter control placed on front.
  • Compressed air connection is led forward to front.
  • Pressure tank with manometer built into cabinet.
  • Possibility for dustfree filter change.
  • Gram Maxi325 jet pulse system.
  • Standard filter material: G102, dust class M.
  • High performance preseparator by diversion plates - increases filter life.
  • Easy service access by front doors.
  • Dust container with Quicklock system.
  • Filter unit standard made for operation under max. 5,000Pa vacuum. Reinforced units are available for higher vacuum.
  • Inlet can be mounted to either at the top or the back.
  • Prepared for parallel assembly of several units.
  • Inlet and outlet are connected by external piping either over or on unit back.


  • Air cleaning in connection with process extraction from e.g. welding, cutting, grinding, powder handling etc.


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