Workplace dust and fume extraction solutions

Oil Mist Filtration

Efficient oil mist filtration is paramount in certain manufacturing applications such as metal work.

While using cooling lubricants during the cutting and shaping processes, oil mist, vapour and smoke
can be produced resulting in a hazardous environment for the worker as well as significant oil loss.

Improving the air quality and returning oil back into to the process with an oil mist extraction unit
is a simple and effective solution.

ViewOil Mist Separator & Filter OUPA 4000

Complete multi-stage oil mist filter OUPA is an effective separator of oil mist aerosols, smaller particle sizes and larger quantities of liquid at temperatures above 25 degrees celsius.


ViewOil Mist Pre-Separator OUF

The Oil Separator OUF is a decentral pre-separator for oil mist that is made with the cyclone effect and has a maximum vacuum of 2,000 Pa.


ViewOil Mist Filtration Unit OUPA

The Oil Mist Separator OUPA is a complete oil mist separator for the use in combination with machining centres. There are 2 filter steps.


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