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Solder Fume Extraction And Ventilation

The fume created when soldering is the most common cause of occupational asthma in the UK. Therefore, it is your duty as an employee to ensure that solder fume is extracted away from the working environment with suitable means of local exhaust ventilation.

It was widely believed that the move to lead-free soldering would improve working environments. However, this isn’t the case as the higher temperatures required and extra flux used means that lead free smoke emissions contain fine dust which is easier to breath in and can reach the alveoli deep within the lung.

In 2003, a UK manufacturing company was fined £130,000 for not providing adequate fume extraction systems to remove the rosin-based fumes from the working environment. In one case, one worker developed asthma due to the respiratory sensitiser effects of the soldering fume.

We provide a wide range of solder fume extraction solutions at competitive prices which are ideal for extracting the resin acid particulate and gaseous organic compounds produced through soldering. Contact us today for a FREE workplace assessment or to arrange testing, monitoring or maintenance of your existing systems.

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Solder Fume Extraction And Ventilation

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