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Trim Cutter Services

As with all types of knives, from time to time, depending on application and operating hours you will need to have the knives on your trim cutter re-sharpened and set. The re-sharpening and re-setting of the knives is a very precise procedure with clearances being set as little as 0.00025″ (6.35µ) and must only be carried out by a skilled engineer who is familiar with the 78 Series and who has been suitably trained in the use of surface and cylindrical grinding.

We understand the importance of keeping your extraction system operating to its optimum level at all times, so we offer two types of trim cutter service.

Re-sharpen & set
You return the cutter to us for the knives to be re-sharpened and set by our specially trained engineers. In addition, a thorough internal inspection including bearings, and clean up procedure is also carried out. This service means that your cutter could be out of your system for up to 14* days in busy periods (*estimated UK lead time).

You let us know that the knives are ready to be re-sharpened and set. We will ask for a purchase order number and then arrange for a completely refurbished, serviced, replica cutter to be despatched to you within a matter of days. When you receive the cutter it should be swapped with the worn cutter. The result is that you will only suffer minutes of downtime and maximum operating efficiency will be restored. The worn cutter must then be returned to us within 21 days.

*It is very important to note that the lids and bases should never be swapped between cutters under any circumstances.

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