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Welding Fume Control And Ventilation

Welding fumes are extremely dangerous to worker health, no matter how much they are exposed to. As the HSE states, all welding fume can cause lung cancer along with other serious conditions such as occupational asthma, pneumonia and metal fume fever.

It is a legal requirement for employers to protect workers by ensuring the correct welding fume control is in place. Fume extraction should be used to control the airborne gases and very fine particles produced during the welding process. A local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system provides the most effective protection from welding fumes. 

It is also extremely important that a fume extraction system is used properly, maintained and regularly monitored to ensure maximum effectiveness. COSHH regulations state that a fume extraction system should be tested at least once every 14 months, to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible.

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To find out about welding fume enforcement, what HSE inspectors will be looking for during inspections and how to effectively manage health and safety click here.

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Welding Fume Control And Ventilation

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