Selecting the right extraction solution for your processes can be a challenge, but this tool makes it simple…

BOHS (The Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection) has launched a new simple selector tool to enable those working with welding fume, to determine which type of fume extraction is adequate for their process. The selector tool is very easy to use, with just a few multiple choice questions based on the type of material/process used. After the user/employer has answered the questions the tool will suggest one of a range of solutions that are suitable to extract the welding fume from the working area and protect the worker.

As a supplier of fume extraction products and a service provider for local exhaust ventilation (LEV) design, installation, testing and monitoring, Impact Technical Services fully welcomes and supports the use of this tool, ran alongside the BOHS, Breathe Freely campaign, to assist employees/employers in establishing the correct solution to suit their welding fume issues. However, we would also advise a workplace assessment by a trained P601 & P602 technician who can advise you specifically based on your individual requirements (book here).

The HSE states that is the employers responsibility to provide adequate protection for employees working in environments that can be hazardous to their health. Many employers have received substantial fines due to lack of protection, so this tool should help both the employer in their quest to provide protection and for the employee.

Click here to be directed to the Welding Fume Control Selector Tool.

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