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Fan Balancing

Whether your fan requires servicing or more immediate attention, Impact Technical Services is the solution. Our state of the art field balancing instruments coupled with years of fan engineering experience allows us to offer you the complete maintenance solution for every type of industrial fan.

Excessive vibration on rotation equipment is a definite sign of a problem, the most common of which is rotor (impeller) imbalance. This is the source of many machine faults in rotating masses (i.e. fans, pumps, motors, chucks and spindles).

“Field balancing is the most economical method to correct unbalance in a completely assembled machine”.

Advantages of field balancing include:

  • Life expectancy of machines is maintained
  • Lessen the risk of breakdown due to bearing or structural damage
  • Reduction in noise and vibration levels meaning a “cleaner” environment
  • Disassembly and transport of rotors is not required
  • Mountings and operating aspects are taken into account once on site.

Apart from unbalance, the second most common sources of machine failure are misalignment and coupling errors. These can be overcome by laser alignment of couplings, increasing the efficiency and lifetime of the machine.

Using vibration analysis on rotating machinery enables the early detection of faults before breakdown. This will reduce economical losses to production and equipment, saving industry millions of pounds in machine down time.

All work is carried out in line with BS848-7:2003 BS ISO14694:2003 & BS6861:Part1:1987 ISO10816-1:1995 to G6.3 quality requirement.

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