The HSE has launched the campaign in order to raise awareness and to reduce work-related lung disease which is currently responsible for approximately 12,000 deaths in the UK every year…

The Health & Safety At Work statistics released by the HSE at the beginning of November 2017 showed there were 1.3 million work-related ill health cases in 2016/17 with 12,000 deaths caused by lung disease estimated to be linked to past exposures at work.

The statistics showed a horrifying 18,000 estimated new cases of self-reported work-related breathing or lung problems. The HSE also reported that between 2012-2016 isocyanates were the biggest contributor to occupational asthma, with flour, cleaning products and dust close behind.



While these stats are very sad and disappointing, they don’t come as a huge shock to us as we see so many businesses that fail to provide adequate protection for their staff on a weekly basis. The importance of providing a safe and healthy place to work still doesn’t seem to be a high priority for a large number of businesses around the UK, many of which do very little in way of dust or fume extraction or in too many cases, have no extraction at all.

We provide advice and suggestions to these businesses and inform them of the laws connected with such practices and many are unaware of the high fines they could incur if inspected and found not to be protecting workers. Many think opening doors and windows is enough, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

The HSE Go Home Healthy campaign is set to raise awareness to employers from all industries of work-related lung disease, work-related musculoskeletal disorders and work-related stress. There are eye-opening ‘first-person’ videos on the Go Home Healthy website, such as Terry – a man who now suffers from silicosis after working as a stone mason.

Visit our Local Exhaust Ventilation section to read more about how we can help you protect your staff.