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Vehicle Exhaust Fume Hose Reel SRF

  • The spring driven hose reel for vehicle exhaust extraction SRF model has a spring built in cabinet and a standard length of 10 metres
  • The SRF model can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling by 4 bolts
  • Available in four different standard diameters: ø76mm ø100mm ø125mm and ø150mm for easy handling
  • A hose stop regulates the length of the suspended hose, when the hose is not used
  • Is standard delivered with hose type S3B that is resistant towards oil, petrol and the chemical products that are present in exhaust gases
  • In connection with the extraction from tractors and heavy-duty machines we recommend min. 3m high-temperature hose S6 or S8 to be placed between the vehicle and the standard hose of the hose reel
  • Hose reel is delivered spring-driven in cabinet, where there are 2 return stop per turn
  • Wide range of rubber exhaust nozzles with clamps or pneumatic rubber exhaust nozzles
  • Can be delivered with mounted fan

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