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Vehicle Bodyshop Dust Extraction & Ventilation

Body shops must maintain a clean and healthy working environment. When a painted surface or a plastic body filler is buffered, sanded or polished a cloud of particulates is produced, containing particles such as lead, aluminium and chromium. These airborne particles pollute the air and make it a dangerous environment to work in. Without efficient extraction these invisible particles will linger in the air, employees might believe it is safe to remove their protective eye wear and face mask but it isn’t.

Attempting to use a broom to clean up and remove the settled dust will only add to the problem, moving the settled dust will cause some of it to disperse back into the air and pollute the working environment.

Body shops must have an efficient extraction system in place to protect their employees from the harmful particulates which can cause respiratory issues.

View HSE advice regarding COSHH essentials for vehicle body shops.



Vehicle Bodyshop Dust Extraction & Ventilation

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