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Downdraught Bench Including Fan and Filter UFPR

The downdraught bench can be used as glue table, grinding table, polishing table, welding table or manual cutting table. Available in two depths: 1000 or 1250mm.

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Highly effective and efficient extraction bench with various options to suit your requirements.

• UF downdraught bench is supplied without fan or filter for integration in to existing system or external fan and filter
• UFPR downdraught bench is supplied with integral VF fan and G113 cartridge filter and can be used as a stand-alone system
• Length 1000-3000mm
• Depth 1000 or 1250mm
• Height (adjustable) 680-980mm
• Air volume up to 3750m3/h
• Hinged side walls allow larger working area
• Back wall available with or without extraction to increase capture
• Suitable to be used as a glue table, grinding table, polishing table, cutting table or a welding table