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High vacuum extraction products are ideal for extracting hazardous dust and fumes at very close proximity protecting the worker, enabling accuracy and as a housekeeping necessity. A high vacuum extraction system is fitted on-tool or on-torch and is designed to draw the air at very high air transport velocity and high pressure but doing so at a low volume.

High vacuum systems are typically installed in; schools, fabrication workshops, spray shops, low ceiling facilities and confined areas. High vacuum systems are especially useful in confined areas and low ceiling facilities due to their connection on-tool and on-torch, unlike other vacuum systems.

There are many benefits to using a high vacuum central system, such as automatic self-cleaning, its low maintenance costs and the fact that they are especially economical to operate.

Impact offer a range of high vacuum products, such as the HS14 mobile unit, HS3000, HFU-F and the CJF-HV, alongside many accessories.

The HS14 is a mobile unit perfect for difficult to access areas due to the fact it only weighs 18kg, the available accessories allow this unit to provide mobile fume and dust extraction due to it’s on-torch/on-tool equipment. It’s especially user friendly due its simple plug and play connectors.

The HS3000 is ideal for difficult to access areas and has suitable connection for up-to two hoses. These hose connections allow for mobile fume and dust extraction, mobile cleaning task, on-tool dust extraction and on-torch fume extraction.

Another available product from our high vacuum range is the HFU-F which is perfect for multi-point centralised ducted vacuum system applications for fume and dust extraction tasks throughout various industries such as train carriage maintenance depots, automotive body repairs and refinishing, food manufacturing, fabrication facilities and warehouses.

One of the popular products from this high vacuum product range is the CJF-HV, which is designed for the containment of fine dust and smoke, and has a 72L dust container supplied as standard with the option for larger capacity containers, easy filter change, automatic self-cleaning, minimal footprint due to slim & cylindrical design, suitable for vacuums up-to 80,000Pa. All of these capabilities combined make the CJF-HV a highly valuable piece of equipment for any workshop.

To compliment this range, Impact offers a range of accessories such as hoses, swivel steel hoses, centrifugal fans, suction slots and cleaning equipment which can be attached to keep the workplace clean.