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LEV System Design & Installation

The most important part of any LEV system is the design. Quite simply, if the design isn’t right, the system will not work effectively. Thirty years of extraction system design experience make us the ideal partner to design, improve and maintain your LEV system.

LEV Statistics

Why LEV systems are important for your business

Over 12,000 workers contract lung diseases each year from breathing airborne hazardous substances in the workplace.

UK businesses can help prevent this by investing in an LEV extraction system. A simple solution can be designed and installed to work with your application effectively and efficiently, protecting workers and ensuring you are COSHH compliant.

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It is a legal requirement for employers to ensure LEV systems have LEV testing at least once every 14 months in order to comply with COSHH Regulations.
LEV Airflow Indicator
Linishing and fettling dust removal system

LEV System Design Experts

Over 30 years of LEV system design experience

The most important part of any LEV system is the design, if the design isn’t right, the system will not work effectively. Over 30 years of LEV extraction system design experience make us perfectly placed to design or modify your LEV system.

Our team of design engineers are trained to BOHS P602 – Basic design principles of local exhaust ventilation systems (proficiency module specified by the British Occupational Hygiene Society) to ensure that the system design is not only effective but meets the requirements of industry standards. When designing a system we will consider the following factors, as specified by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive):


  • Hood/Enclosure – to collect and contain the contaminant as close as possible to its source
  • Ducts to remove the contaminant away from the source and either discharge to atmosphere or return cleaned air to the workroom
  • A filter or other air cleaning device, normally placed between the hood and the fan
  • A fan or other air mover to provide the airflow

LEV System Installation

Efficient, professional LEV installation & commissioning

We will install your new LEV system with minimum disruption to your manufacturing processes.

Once your LEV system has been installed we will provide you with the following (as specified by the HSE):

  • Instructions for use and system diagram
  • Logbook to keep track of testing and maintenance
  • Commissioning report showing inlet air flow measurements, duct air speed, filter pressure drop and a maintenance guide
  • Airflow indicator (optional)
  • Parts and spares list i.e. filter bag replacements (available from Impact Technical Services)



Heat Removal System
Linishing and fettling dust removal system

Impact Will Support You At Every Step

Using your LEV system

Your LEV system is now up and running. There are a few things you need to remember to ensure reliable operation:


  • Always follow the instructions provided
  • Regularly look for signs of damage to the ducting, fan and filter. Any damage must be repaired immediately to ensure efficient operation
  • Check weekly that the system is working properly and airflow indicators (if installed) are working
  • Review failure patterns for ease of maintenance
  • Contact us to book thorough examination and testing at least once every 14 months (as specified by the HSE)


“ITS supplied, installed and commissioned a suspended vacuum unit inside a rail depot. Installation was carried out to high quality standard and team had a excellent knowledge of equipment.

Onsite issues encountered where resolved by their collaborative approach to solving the problems. ITS had an excellent attitude to safety and documentation required in order to carry out works in a rail depot environment, e.g. inductions, permits, WPPs, RAMS, etc. All operatives understood the requirements and expectations of site rules and where responded positive to feedback. I would highly recommend ITS and we look forward to working with them in the near future.”

Working with industry organisations...

Self Contractor Approved
UKAS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
Job Logic
SPA Safety Pass Alliance
SOTA Confined Space Training

Our LEV System Design Process

We will provide you with an efficient and effective service to ensure your operations are compliant while protecting your employees. We will keep you updated throughout the installation process and continue to provide ongoing support.

A message from our LEV Sales and Design Manager

By gaining an understanding of your process and hazardous substances used, we will design and install a system that is effective, efficient & compliant

LEV Design Engineer

Kieren Hebborn

LEV Sales and Design Manager

We offer a wide range of LEV solutions


We specialise in designing and implementing systems for a variety of applications, including flour dust, vehicle exhaust fume, chemical fume, ATEX dust and fume, solder fume, wood waste, and composite dust.

Our experience includes designing centralised dust and fume control systems, mobile extraction units, spray booths, fume cupboards, workstation extraction, high vacuum extraction, and dust collectors.


  • Centralised dust and fume control systems: These systems are designed to manage dust and fumes from multiple sources in one central location. We can design and install a custom solution that meets your specific needs.


  • Mobile extraction units: Our mobile extraction units are designed for applications where a fixed extraction system is not feasible. These units are self-contained and can be moved around to different locations as needed.


  • Spray booths: We design and build spray booths for a variety of applications, including automotive and aerospace. Our booths are designed to meet all relevant safety and environmental regulations.


  • Fume cupboards: We design and build fume cupboards for laboratories and industrial applications. Our fume cupboards are designed to provide a safe working environment and comply with all relevant regulations.


  • Workstation extraction: Our workstation extraction systems are designed to provide local extraction at individual workstations. This ensures that any dust or fumes generated during the work process are captured at the source.


  • High vacuum extraction: High vacuum extraction systems are designed for applications where large volumes of air need to be moved. Our systems are designed to provide maximum airflow and suction power to ensure effective extraction.


  • Dust collectors: We design and install dust collectors for a variety of applications, including woodworking and metalworking. Our dust collectors are designed to provide efficient and effective dust control while minimizing energy consumption.


  • ATEX dust and fume: ATEX dust and fume systems are designed to meet the specific safety requirements for handling explosive dust and fumes. We can design and install a system that meets all relevant ATEX regulations.

View the following HSE documents for more information:

HSG258 Controlling airborne contaminants at work

HSG258 – Controlling airborne contaminants at work


INDG408 Clearing the air

INDG408 – Clearing the air – A simple guide to buying LEV


INDG409 Time to clear the air

INDG409 – Time to clear the air: A workers pocket guide

INDG136 Working with substances hazardous to health

INDG136 – Working with substances hazardous to health

EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits

EH40:2005 – Workplace Exposure Limits


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